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Yener’s Pastillage Powder Mix


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– 100% rigid after drying.
– Great for structural strength.
– Pliable for moulding and modelling.
– Merge parts seamlessly with minimal water.
– Smooth consistency after kneading.
– Humidity resistant.
– Cuttable with no resistance (before drying).
– Instantly hold its shape with minimal sagging.
– Dries quickly for assembling multiple parts.
– No cracks within reasonable working speed.
– No shrinkage after drying.
– Perfect paintable surface.
– 100% edible like candy.

Full instructions on back of packaging

Yeners Pastillage is produced in mid-strength to provide an easy-to-knead, smooth and pliable condition to be able to quickly start working with it. It can be rolled very thin, and it keeps its flexible condition to model the desired shape within a reasonable time.

It contains no fat so water based gels or pre-dissolved powder colours can be mixed with it very quickly. Rolled or shaped pastillage provide a perfect surface for brush painting, airbrushing, wet sponge shading, scratch painting and more.

Harder Consistency
When time is of the essence, and quicker drying is necessary, additional icing sugar can be added to make a firmer paste. The same method applies goes when extra strength is needed for larger pieces. Keep in mind that more icing sugar requires quicker workmanship.

Softer Consistency
Adding and kneading in a minimal amount of water at a time makes the pastilage softer and softer. This method can be helpful to slow down drying time in order to have more time to work. Continuing this process will make the pastillage usable for gap filling, smudging, palleting, texturing, gluing and even piping.

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