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Product dimension information
Extra Small – Height: 2cm; Width: 1.5cm. Very Small – Height: 2.2cm; Width: 2cm. Small – Height: 3cm; Width: 2cm.
Storage instructions
Store away from direct sunlight to prolong the silicone moulds lifetime
Usage instructions
  1. Wash the mould in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before use
  2. Lightly grease a non-stick board with white vegetable fat and thinly roll out some SFP or cold porcelain
  3. Free the paste from the board, using SK cutters, cut out a leaf shape and place this onto one half of the veiner
  4. Press down with the other half of the veiner to emboss on both sides of the leaf with a natural veined pattern
  5. Remove the leaf from the veiner and soften the edges with a ball tool, if desired

It’s easy to create realistic sugar leaves for cakes and competitions with Squires Kitchen Great Impressions Leaf Veiners. There are over 300 leaf veiners in the Squires Kitchen Great Impressions range, all of which are botanically correct and are unsurpassable for quality and attention to detail.

Use Squires Kitchen Great Impressions Leaf Veiners with Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) for fine sugar flower work or try experimenting with other mediums including sugarpaste, Sugar Dough, marzipan, pastillage, modelling chocolate (Cocoform), chocolate, boiled sugar, isomalt and cold porcelain.

Designed and made in the UK by Squires Kitchen’s master craftsmen, all Great Impressions moulds and veiners are made from durable, platinum-grade silicone which has been approved for food use. The flexible silicone can be frozen and can withstand temperatures of up to 204˚C.


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