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HPM10 Child Lower Limbs
For no fuss children’s lower limbs, this 2 part mould enable you to create detailed miniature hands, feet and boots. 
This mould contains 2 pairs of hands up to the mid forearm, one pair of boots and one pair of bare feet up to the mid lower leg.
When dry these lower limbs may then be used for:
a) a conventional rigid model, in conjunction with a solid sleeve, trouser leg or underskirt.  
b) an adjustable, flexible figure by following the instructions using the pipe cleaners.

This mould can be used in conjunction with the following Holly Products Head Moulds:
HPM06 Girl Head (small head)
HPM08 Miniature Babe, Boy Girl (for use with boy and girl)
HMP21 Special Edition Head Mould
HPM01 Baby Head Mould (small head for toddler)
HPM05 Boy Head (small head)

This mould is used in the book ‘Fairy Folk and Little People’

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