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Hearty Soft is designed as an advanced formula for professional use with elasticity and strength. It is finer and more flexible. It can be rolled out extremely thin. Hearty Soft Clay is truly white in color.  Perfect for making flowers, sweets & deco, miniature food, accessories, and other craft projects.

Hearty Soft White Paste is a light faux / cold porcelain. Easy to use, it will not stick to your hands. An opaque paste, it is virtually unbreakable when dry. It can be rolled out extremely thin and can be mixed with Hearty colours to produce a coloured paste for use in flowers and modelling. It must be noted that all Hearty colours dry darker. Alternatively you can use your usual paste food colour. Once dry it can be steamed to set powder colours and then glazed with confectioners glaze, or any other spray glaze you normally use.

Made in Japan – Non-Toxic Modeling Clay – The Hearty Series Clays including this Hearty Soft clay are safe enough for artists of all ages since it conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN 71 AP safety standards to be non-toxic.

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