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JEM Floral Tape Cutter and Shredder



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The tape cutter is designed to shred tape into quarter and half widths. Blades may be removed by unscrewing the side of the tape cutter to adjust the width of the tape. Blades may be turned around when blunt. Make sure the blades are replaced evenly, or the cutter will not work properly. Before tightening the screws, lightly tap the tape cutter on a table to ensure the blades are level. Lift up the centre piece (shutter) – it is removable. Thread required length of florist tape with the wax coated side facing upwards, from behind the centre piece. Close shutter. Apply gentle pressure to the centre piece and, using the other hand, pull the florist tape or tear ribbon through. Illustration shows tape cut in half and two quarter widths.
Spare blades are available – see Consumeable section.

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