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A real favourite mould.  Try making white or coloured animals for more fun!
A popular chocolate mould for decorating  zoo cakes, a great idea for kids birthday parties, soap makers love them too.

Approx weight of each chocolate:- 25 -30gm


Length: 65mm
Width: 65mm
Depth: 20mm 


Width: 55mm
Length: 70mm
Depth: 15mm


Width: 75mm
Length: 55mm
Depth: 12mm



  • Wash your moulds in warm clear water with a soft cloth and dry
    • If chocolate is really suck on leave to soak from a few minutes in warm water
  • Never wash moulds in the dishwasher
    • This will cause your moulds to warp
  • Never use an abrasive cleaner like a scrubbing brush or scotch pad
    • This scratches the surface of the mould causes future chocolate to come out dull
  • Store moulds in a dry place away from sun light
    • Sun light breaks down the plastic causing the moulds to go brittle
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